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Why PA Answer? “Always cheerful and always put your business first”

“It doesn’t matter what sort of day they’re having, the team is always cheerful and always puts your business first” – a Telephone Answering Case Study

Burgess Computer Services Limited, owned by Neil Burgess, provide local, friendly, jargon-free IT support in and around Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. Since October 2015 PA Answer’s team of Virtual Receptionists have been providing its core telephone answering service for the Soham-based business. We spoke to Neil to find out how PA Answer has helped his business.

Which PA Answer services do you use?

Just telephone answering – they either put calls through to my mobile or if they can’t get hold of me, they pass on any messages. Each call will generate a message of caller’s name, address and phone number, and brief description of call. This is very useful when not in the office as you can look back on calls to see what actions you need to take.

How important is the quality of telephone answering to your business?

Very important. Before I started with a telephone answering service, I had an answerphone. I would be in and out of the office all the time and was missing countless calls. The machine would show the number of calls I was missing, but I’d have no messages! When customers are calling businesses, people don’t like answerphones. They need to speak to a human, or they’ll find another business to try. I would never go back to not having an answering service.

What made you choose PA Answer’s Telephone Answering Service?

I was doing some work for another company in their building, and PA Answer also needed some work doing. While I was there, I took a look at their prices and what they were offering was much cheaper than what I was paying at the time. So, I trialled the service, and it went very well, so I switched.

That was nearly 2 and a half years ago

Another good reason for switching is that they cover much longer hours than any other companies I’ve known of or had used previously, and at a much more competitive price. PA Answer (and their team of Virtual Receptionists) is available for my calls from 8.30AM – 7 PM Monday to Friday, plus Saturday 8.30AM – 5 PM and Sunday from 9 AM to 4 PM. Previous companies could only offer 9 AM – 6 PM with no weekend cover. No other company could offer the same substantially longer hours, which gave me massive gains to switch.

Is there a particular example of how PA Answer has been better than previous telephone answering services you’ve used?

Continually keeping their standards very high. It wasn’t a case of a standard set during the trial or in the early days which has then dropped – there has been a constant high standard.

What would you say is the best thing about PA Answer’s team of Virtual Receptionists?

It doesn’t seem to matter what sort of day they’re having, what’s going on, the team is always cheerful and always puts your business first. Occasionally I’ll get comments from clients saying, “I spoke to your lovely receptionist” or “polite, friendly, bubbly.” The word bubbly has popped up a couple of times.

Are there any potential areas of improvement you’d like to highlight?

No – I can’t think of anything else they could offer me.

How would you rate the service?

5 stars

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