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Answering an important call whilst working can be tempting, but is liable to end in disaster. Alternatively, you can choose to stop work while you take the call, creating an unprofessional image. Or, you could let PA Answer take those calls, and let you carry on with your work, without missing out on potential clients.

Don’t let customers slip through your fingers because you are busy at work, or enjoying some time off.

Let PA Answer remove some of the worry with our specialised services:

  • Answer those calls you may miss, all in your company name, in a friendly and efficient manner.
  • Pass on any urgent calls or send messages via email, text or fax, ensuring you are always kept in the loop.
  • Provide high quality customer service when you don’t have the time do personally speak to clients.
  • We can take care of vital services with order processing services when you’re unavailable.
  • Managing your diary virtually ensures you always fulfil your commitments and never leave a customer disappointed.
  • Via tele-marketing, we can make those all important calls finding or following up new business.
  • With our business continuity service, we make sure you are always open for business.

Get in touch today on 0333 800 0085 to find out how you can benefit from PA Answer’s award-winning range of business support services.

Never miss another call from just £10pw