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Business Continuity

PA Answer has you covered

Your business doesn’t have to be suffering through the tattered remains of a fire, flood or extreme storm for you to find yourself struggling to answer calls and represent yourself effectively.

A simple bout of seasonal sickness or a power cut can leave callers greeted with a recorded message, and 70% of callers will just hang up, resulting in lost sales, orders or bookings for your business.

How does your Business Continuity Plan work?

Your PA Answer Business Continuity Plan can be put into action instantly and efficiently to ensure your business is always available.

Your plan allows us to take over the answering of all of your calls instantly in the event of an emergency, making sure you don’t miss any opportunities when you’re business is dealing with difficult circumstances.

We provide your business with a dedicated line to ensure;

  • All calls will be answered within three rings in your company name
  • You will always be in the loop about your business – whatever the situation – receiving details of all calls via text, email or fax
  • Your regular team of named PAs will ensure any emergency transition is handled so smoothly that your callers won’t even notice, giving your business time to get back on its feet
Business Continuity Plans with PA Answer

Help protect your reputation when disaster strikes

Thanks to PA Answer’s client notification service. Through your PA Answer Business Continuity Plan you can notify any number of business clients or contacts within minutes of any business interruption explaining your situation via text or email and again to assure them that business has returned to normal, to make sure you don’t let your clients down by leaving them in the dark.

Business Continuity Planning that is simple, affordable and leaves nothing to chance.

Contact PA Answer today to protect your business against any eventuality.