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At PA Answer, our Telephone Answering Service is at the core of what we do. It’s in our name and it’s what our reputation is built on. PA Answer is an award-winning company with a proud reputation for excellent customer service.

Our clients range from sole traders and hospital groups to international household names and it’s not unusual for us to take calls from A-list celebrities and even the odd Royal – although we treat every caller as a VIP.

How do we provide an award-winning telephone answering service?

Your team of 2-3 dedicate PAs answer every call you miss, answering in your company name, within three rings, in a friendly and professional manner. In fact any caller to your business will believe they have reached a member of your own staff. Your PAs will then patch any urgent calls straight through, pass on messages via text, fax or email or handle general enquiries.

We are able to deliver consistently exceptional levels of customer service and client satisfaction thanks to our team of highly trained, professional and friendly PAs.

At PA Answer we are proud of every member of our staff, and we are extremely diligent when we hire our PAs because we know how vital they are for your business.

At PA Answer you only pay for the telephone answering services you need, when you need them. Our award winning telephone answering service is available from just £10.

Call 0333 800 0085 today to find out for yourself exactly how good our telephone answering service is, or click here for more information about our prices.

Why would I need a telephone answering service?

Our service is built on the fact that 7 out of 10 people won’t leave a voicemail when calling a business number – a similar amount won’t call a mobile telephone as an alternative.

If a potential client or customer is calling your business for the first time and is unable to get through there is a good chance they will put the phone down and try one of your competitors. Or in the current climate there is a chance they may even think you have gone out of business.

By ensuring our clients never leave a clients call unanswered we help them to maximise every business opportunity and keep every enquiry they have earned through their hard work and reputation, rather than seeing potential clients slide into the grateful arms of their competitors. You simply need to work out how much just one missed call could be worth to your business.

How do we provide an award-winning service?

We are proud of every member of our staff, and every one of our professional PAs is fully trained. We are extremely diligent when we hire our PAs because we know how vital they are for your business.

Our friendly, professional, highly-trained PAs will answer every call you can’t

  • Within three rings
  • In your company name
  • In a friendly and professional manner
  • Handle any enquiries in a manner you’d expect from an in-house team
  • Pass on messages via text, fax or email
  • Patch any urgent calls straight through

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