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PA Answer’s Social Media PA Service

Do you feel your business is missing out on the social media revolution?

Outsource your social media output to PA Answer, an award winning business support company, and your business can benefit from the networking impact of social media even when you can’t find the time or feel you don’t have the expertise.

Because your account is run by your dedicated team of Virtual PAs – who get to know your business and become like staff – your Social Media presence will be delivered with outsourced expertise by PAs you trust as much as an in-house member of staff.

PA Answer’s Social Media Management service means you can be confident that your business is constantly well-represented in its regular social media output – engaging with your followers and informing your customers.

74% of consumers rely on Social Media for help with purchasing decisions

Have you considered the benefits of a Social Media PA?

Do you struggle to find time for your company’s social media? You’re not alone. 53% of businesses without a dedicated social media employee or resource admit to spending less than an hour a week on their business’ social media presence.  

But what are you missing out on? Why should you strive to improve your social media presence?  

  • Improve Customer Service. 63% of customers expect companies to offer customer service support on social media and 90% have already used social media to communicate with a business. With so many people now turning to social media to complain, if you are not there to deal with unhappy customers you run the risk of suffering damage to your company’s reputation 
  • Attract New Customers. 31% of consumers are using social media to browse for new items to buy, and a staggering 74% turn to social media for help when it comes to making their final purchasing decision. 
  • The Power of Recommendations. 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with your brand are likely to recommend it to others. 

What does Social Media Management look like?

PA Answer’s Social Media PA service is delivered by expert PAs who actively monitor and manage any or all of your social media channels; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. The additional benefit of employing PA Answer is your social media channels are managed by the dedicated, professional team of PAs you know and trust. 

  • Quality Content that fits your brand/company. Your PAs create incisive content, helping you reach a wider audience by promoting exciting offers and news to your followers, clients and prospective clients. All content is always authorised by you before posting and can be posted in-house or by your dedicated Social Media PAs. 
  • Effective Engagement to build positive online customer relationships. Your PAs can monitor and manage your Social Media accounts, on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis, interacting and engaging with your followers, responding directly to any messages or enquiries and dealing with customer service issues when necessary. Your PA Answer Social Media PAs will give you confidence that your business is always well-represented on social media. 

Are you ready to be social? Contact PA Answer today.