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SMS Text Message Marketing

Text marketing is a fast, convenient way of interacting with your customers. 

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SMS Text Marketing with PA Answer

How would SMS Text Marketing benefit your business?

How often do you leave a text unread?

SMS Text Messages are a great way to communicate with customers. Texts can be used to confirm appointments, send out promotions, gain more customer reviews, and update customers on what is going on in your business.

PA Answer send out text messages to a single person or to a large bulk of your customers, depending on what you require, to help you save time and money, and create better customer service.

Why text messages?

It might seem like the whole world lives on their phone, but the average person actually receives more emails each day than they do text messages, in fact nearly twice as many every day! By targeting customers through text, you are contacting them more directly than email, and through a platform that people feel less bombarded by. In fact, the average response rate for a text is 6 times as high as an email, and they respond ten times faster! 19 out of every 20 text messages are read within three minutes, the average being read within five seconds, and three quarters of people would like to have messages sent to them through text.





Why choose PA Answer for SMS Text Marketing?

PA Answer will always use formal and professional language when sending out text messages on your behalf. And we will forward on any responses you receive or, if you would like us to, we can even respond back.

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