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Text Message Marketing

How could text message marketing benefit your business?

Text marketing is a fast, convenient way of interacting with your business’ customers. Text messages can be used to confirm appointments, sent out promotions and update customers on your business. However, it can be hard to find time to do these and can become expensive. This is where PA Answer can help you. We can send out text messages to a single person or to a large bulk of your customers concurrently depending on what you require. Overall, this can save you time and money but keep your customers updated in the business creating better customer service.

Services that we can offer

  • Send out text messages to confirm appointments or orders going through.
  • If you already use us for diary management services, we can use this to help us send out confirmations and reminders.
  • We can send text messages to just a single person or multiple people in one go.
  • If someone replies to the text message you/we have sent, we can send you the reply through our system.

The future of text messaging

Unquestionably, more and more people are using texting as their primary source of contact. Therefore calling is decreasing. Consequently, as a business you need to move with the times. So having the ability to send out texts and receive them will keep you updated with the future. Also, this shows your business if adapting and moving forward with their communication with customers.

Why choose PA Answer for text messages?

  • We will always send out a text messages when you require it.
  • We will always use formal and professional language when sending out text message.
  • If you receive a response back from the recipient, we will always send this through to you with all the information.

Prices start from just 10p a text. Contact us today on 0333 800 0085 or click here to get in touch and find out more.