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Have you considered the benefits of Email Management?

Did you know could be losing 28% of your working day to email management?

Are you wasting it managing your own diary?

How much time do you spend responding to urgent and necessary emails? How much time do you spend each day reading, deleting and managing emails? Here are some statistics detailing the true cost of emails to the working day: 

  • The average professional spends 28% of their working hours answering email 
  • Over-checking email costs 21 minutes per day 
  • Reading and processing irrelevant emails wastes 8 minutes per day 
  • Junking spam email can cost over 8 working days every year 

Introducing you to PA Answer’s email management service. Your PA Answer team can manage, filter, forward, reply, remove spam. Whatever you require to help you spend less of your working day managing emails, and more of it doing what you do best.  

The benefit of employing PA Answer to manage your emails is that we already have a full knowledge of your business!  

What does PA Answer's Email Management look like? 

Delivered by the dedicated, professional team of PA Answer PAs you know and trust, PA Answer’s Email Management service is bespoke to your unique requirements: 

  • From monitoring your generic, or account. Your PA Answer PAs will check, filter and handle all email to your chosen account; forwarding any relevant emails to you or the appropriate members of your team, sending generic replies to your customers where appropriate, moving any junk to your spam folders, and making your day more productive by ticking a timesapping task off your ToDo List for you each day. 
  • To full management of all your work emails. Your PA Answer PAs will completely manage your incoming email, flagging anything urgent and managing the rest for you, including; liaising with clients on your behalf, setting appointments, filtering email, and anything else you would expect from your in-house PA. 
  • And anything in between. Your PA Answer PAs can check and manage your emails daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly. We can answer, forward, reply, liaise with customers, remove spam. Whatever you require to help you make your working day more productive, PA Answer is here to support you. 

Stop wasting time and start saving it, contact PA Answer today.