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2022 was a year of many highs and great accomplishments.

We thought we’d share some of the highlights from last year because as a business, we reached some fantastic milestones that we are all quite proud of (as well as some fun outings!).

On 23rd March 2022 we attended the Ely Business Awards from 2021 which was inevitably delayed until 2022 due to covid!

It was an evening filled with fun, laughter, and very tasty food!

Although we didn’t win any awards we were very happy to be finalists in our categories with such strong winners and other hard working companies.

On 16th April 2022 we attended our ‘Cocktail Making Masterclass’ in Cambridge.

This was a very giggly day out for all our team and we each got to make whatever cocktail we wanted!

We made iced teas, martinis, lots of classic cocktails, colour changing drinks and even drinks that were on fire! All of the girls loved it and the meal afterwards was much needed.

On 5th October we attended the business awards where we won 2 awards!

We received the ‘gold’ employer of the year award along with the ‘silver’ service excellence award.

We were so so proud to receive 2 awards as every business in our categories were very strong and worthy winners. All the girls were very pleased that all out of their hard work had paid off and been noticed. It was also a great achievement for us a business to show that we are doing is working and benefiting people.

Due to us winning an award on 5th October this meant we were automatically shortlisted for the National Business Awards in Wembley on 2nd December where we would attend along with all of the other SME winners from across the UK!

The photo on the left shows just how many businesses were attending Nationals on 2nd December!

When we attended on 2nd December we had an evening filled drinks, amazing food and some outstanding entertainment. We sadly didn’t win an award at Wembley but just being there was a fantastic achievement and again a show of our hard work for that year.

It has definitely motivated us!

On 17th December we went to Tivoli in Cambridge for our team Christmas outing.

We played mini golf followed by cocktails and a meal!

The girls had lots of fun and enjoyed playing against each other during the mini golf match.

The atmosphere was great, and the food was very tasty.