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February is upon us which means we are one step closer to those lighter evenings!


So far this month we have visited some of our local clients for meetings and to get to know them.

We are also in the process of contacting our clients that are further afield to offer visits too!


One of our Virtual Receptionists Kez has been doing lots of prep for these upcoming meetings as well as contacting other clients to arrange one.

Libby has been spending time planning our very first event which we will be sure to keep you updated on – A PA Answer quiz night is in the pipeline to raise some money for charity!


Valentine’s Day is also just a few days away… Have you got any plans? We would love to hear about them!

If you’re planning on having a cosy night in this Valentines, we have a craft you can make with that someone special. Simply read on for more!

For this craft, you will need:

  • 3 pipe cleaners in any colour of your choosing.
  • 1 piece of card or paper
  • 2 x googly eyes


First, draw a large heart on your card. If your card is white, you can paint it to create a colourful body!

Secondly, take 2 of the pipe cleaners, bending them slightly at the bottom to create feet.

Once this is done, tape or stick them on with glue.

For the third step, take the 3rd pipe cleaner and cut it in half to create two arms, then secure them on them same way as you did the legs.

For the fourth step, take your googly eyes and stick them in place with glue.

For the fifth and final step, draw a mouth.

And now you have a finished Valentines masterpiece!