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With hundreds or thousands of employees, large businesses can find it difficult to consistently engage with its clients, whilst not incurring the costs associated with hiring more staff to cope. Without compromising the quality of service, PA Answer can save these businesses money, provide efficiency and provide a range of business support solutions.

This is carried out through the small team of named professional PA’s who are dedicated to each large organisation. Providing the same qualities your staff do, but at a fraction of the cost. Below are some of the ways PA Answer can help such organisations.

• Protect your Reputation – Don’t become complacent and begin missing calls, because even large businesses can be affected by unanswered calls. PA Answer’s Telephone Answering Services ensures you never miss another call again.
• Overflow Calls – Sometimes demand may exceed your resources, and dedicated staff may not be able to answer all incoming calls. Remove the chance of frustrated customers, and let PA Answer help.
• Outsourced Customer Services Department – PA Answer gives you access to fully-trained customer service experts who are on call to ensure your business to offer a friendly voice to clients and customers; even when your tackling sickness, holiday cover and staff training.
• Telemarketing – Not all businesses have the ability to dedicate relevant time or resources to telemarketing. PA Answer PA’s are trained telemarketers who get to know your company inside out, thus providing a quality of service difficult to find elsewhere.
• Business Continuity – Make sure your business is equipped to cope with unpredictable circumstances through PA Answer’s Business Continuity Plan. Offering a range of solutions that will guarantee your business is open at all times.

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