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Medical secretaries can be costly, but what if you could save an average of 25{ade0abccca9b63c164c46d38b81448d417f49c504e67e4d91b85d1bb7f6a8972} on your medical secretary expenditure? PA Answer can help you save on the cost and inconvenience of staff whilst allowing you to provide a high quality service to all of your patients.

Our award-winning business provides you with specialist outsourced Medical PA services, saving you: Physical Therapy

• Time
o No more staff training – all our Virtual Medical Secretaries are fully trained and ready to seamlessly fit into your organisation.
o No more stress over staff illness or holidays – PA Answer can cover any shortages.
o Access detailed patient information, reports, task lists and reminders with just a click of the mouse.
o Simply and securely manage all appointments and administration thanks to our dedicated patient management system.
• Money
o Only pay for the services you need, and when you need them.
o Never miss another call again, maximising potential client leads without paying staff 24/7.
o Limit staff costs without compromising on the quality of service.
• Resources
o Your team of Virtual Medical Secretaries professionally handle as many secretarial tasks as you need.
o Our state-of-the-art voice recognition software allows for digital dictation, anywhere in the world.
o Secure access to records, files and documents via your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet, anywhere in the world via your ‘paperless briefcase’.

PA Answer assigns you a team of highly-trained ‘Virtual Medical Secretaries’ who utilise state-of-the-art technology to provide a range of services designed specifically to this sector. Benefitting you through our voice recognition dictation service – designed exclusively for the medical sector – and your own ‘paperless briefcase’.

Proving its effectiveness, a four-month trial of answering overflow and after-hours calls for on the largest private hospital groups nationwide saw more than 700 calls answered. 250 of which were enquiries, and 100 of those calls were converted into bookings.
We fully understand the confidential nature of all medical documentation, which is why we take every patients’ security seriously. This is guaranteed by us being able to: encrypt emails, lock private diary entries, password protect patient notes and store data in an independent data centre.

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