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Holiday Cover Summer officially began on June 21. Which means the internet is awash with guides to the best, most exciting 20, 50, 100 things to do see, do, eat and visit during the summer of 2014. But what about business owners? At PA Answer we would hazard a guess that not a single ‘things to do’ guide will include “Enjoy this summer by staying inside and working constantly.”

How do you make the most of the summer and keep your business operating at full capacity with all systems go? Especially for business owners who…

  • Are sole traders
  • Suddenly have school-less children to look after all day, every day for six weeks
  • Are taking a well-deserved summer holiday
  • Enjoying an impromptu BBQ, picnic or day at the beach
  • Or are allowing staff to do the same

PA Answer’s Holiday Cover Service can be worked flexibly into your workplace schedule to seamlessly run when your office is understaffed or closed, ensuring your business doesn’t miss a single call or opportunity, and allowing you to enjoy ‘business as usual’ when you or your employees are enjoying the summer sun.

How much is even one missed call worth to your business?

Allowing your clients calls to go to voicemail will frustrate them and help push them into the grateful arms of your competitors.

To find out more about how PA Answer can help keep your business running smoothly contact PA Answer on 0333 800 0085 or click here to email. PA Answer’s flexible range of services can help your business from just £10 per week!