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Virtual Office – Staff vs Outsourcing

Virtually as good as staff, a whole lot cheaper, why your business should be outsourcing

As a business owner how often do you step back and analyse if your employees are the most efficient use of your precious budget.

How many of your services could be provided at a lower cost without compromising quality? And how many of your services could actually be improved by outsourcing to specialists?

If a business has the chance to employ specialists at a lower cost why would any turn down the opportunity?

PA Answer is an outsourced business support service which exists to help businesses save money without lowering the level of personal service.

How could outsourcing help your business make savings?

Reception and Call Answering – Does your business need full time reception and administration staff, and if so how many? Does your business need full-time staff to cover busy periods and overflow calls when a virtual PA could ensure your business is dealing with all calls and enquiries satisfactorily?

Support Services – Do you or your staff spend too long on time draining activities which, whilst vital, don’t require the specialist skills that make your business unique? Byhaving a team of flexible Virtual PAs you can hand over key business tasks, such as administration, diary management, credit control, order processing and more, to PA Answer’s fully trained team when you are struggling to cope with workload.

Telemarketing – Is it cost effective for you to hire, train and run a specialist telemarketing team? Instead your business can take advantage of PA Answer’s fully trained, professional team of telemarketers make calls and follow up leads, producing results which can be crucial to your business.

Does Outsourcing have a Downside? 

Of course it does. But many of the negatives associated with outsourcing simply don’t apply to PA Answer – Overseas staff, problems with the language barrier, a compromise on quality, training costs and time, set up fees, poor representation of your business or even simply not knowing and trusting who’s representing your business.

“Where PA Answer differs from most outsourced services is the relationship built up between our clients and our fabulous and friendly PAs. PA Answer PAs get to know our clients and become as passionate about their business as an in-house member of staff. Plus we don’t charge set up fees and training costs. All of our PAs are highly skilled and fully trained, so your business always has extremely capable staff at its disposal.” Says PA Answer’s Chris Grove.

“PA Answer’s range of expertly provided outsourced business support services extends to; Online Diary Management, Clinic Management, Order Processing, Tele-marketing, Dictation and Scribing, Administration, Social Media.”

All of PA Answer’s services are provided by a small team of named PAs who are dedicated to each business account, those PAs get to know the businesses they are working with, building up a relationship with both clients and existing staff, allowing PA Answer to offer a service far removed from a faceless call centre – all within a transparent price structure.

PA Answer exists to help your business grow without escalating costs from just £10 a week.

To find out more about the value PA Answer can bring to your business contact PA Answer or call us today on 0333 800 0085

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