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Is your business lacking social skills?

Do you worry that your business is missing out on new opportunities and potential markets because you’re failing to engage with your social media audience?

According to Sage UK, 81% of SMEs are using social media as a business tool – which could technically mean that 18% aren’t. However, many businesses have social media pages that are languishing unloved and unattended – and that doesn’t look good at all.

That’s why we launched our dedicated Social Media Service, offering what we believe is the best value around. From just £75 per month, PA Answer can ensure your business has a professional and engaging social media presence which highlights the best of your business.

We’ll do the research, write the posts, create the links and make sure your Facebook and Twitter feeds are updated on a regular basis.

What PA Answer’s Social Media Service can do for you:

  • No hassle – we write, link, tag AND post your tweets and Facebook posts
  • Anytime posts so your business continues to interact with your social media markets even when you’re at home with your feet up
  • Your followers – clients and prospective clients are always aware of exciting offers and news about your business
  • Build your following – grow your following and with it your opportunities for new business!
  • Find a new audience – introduce your business to a wider variety of prospective markets and target new demographics
  • Cost effective – starting at just £75 a month PA Answer Social is affordable for any business

Your PA Answer Social Media presence will be delivered by your small dedicated team of named Virtual PAs – who get to know your business and become like members of staff – you can be confident that your outsourced Social Media service is managed by Virtual PAs you trust as much as in-house staff.

Easily switch marketing angle to suit new offers, products or market trends – a quick call and your team of dedicated Virtual PAs can alter the focus of your message to ensure your social media presence reflects the areas and markets your business most wants to target.

To find out more about our fixed-price Social Media service from £75 per month, call Katie at PA Answer today on 0844 699 730 and see what we can do to help grow your business

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