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How are you planning to juggle your business commitments with the school summer holidays?

School Holiday CoverFitting work life around your family is a balancing act all year round, but during the school holidays the scales tip heavily and trying to level them can be extremely difficult. It’s a question that as many as 60{ade0abccca9b63c164c46d38b81448d417f49c504e67e4d91b85d1bb7f6a8972} of business owners have to answer every year, and it’s a problem that doesn’t get any easier to solve.

Six weeks is a long time in business

This is never truer than during the summer holidays when you and your staff are likely to want some hard-earned time off. Can you afford to put your business on the back burner for a six-week block every year? Because you know your competitors aren’t, do you want to stand still, or worse, fall behind?

How can PA Answer help this school holiday?

Summer Holiday CoverWe can’t run your business for you. However, PA Answer can take over many vital business tasks and services on your behalf. By answering your calls and dealing with admin tasks, order processing, social media and more, PA Answer will create more time for you, and your staff, to focus on your family or personal life.
With the help of Your PA Answer Virtual PAs, we ensure your business will continue to run smoothly, even when you and your family are enjoying the summer sunshine. Plus, you won’t miss any calls or any opportunities for new business!

The great thing about PA Answer is that you can access fully-trained, professional secretarial and administration staff as and when you need them. No training costs, no holiday pay, no staff absences. Just pay for the services you need, when you need them.

PA Answer is a dedicated business support service that exists to support your business, whether it’s 52 weeks a year or six. Call us today on 0333 800 0085 to discuss how PA Answer can support your business this summer.