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Virtual AssistantsEveryone loves to see a friendly face. And the same can be said for hearing a friendly voice on the end of the phone. It breeds confidence, and confidence is a great thing for business.

That’s why at PA Answer we love to shout about our named PAs. They set us apart because our clients love them. We allocate a maximum of 2-3 named PAs to every account, and those same 2-3 friendly, fully-trained PAs will deal with all calls and enquiries and provide any support services for that account, allowing our clients to get to know and trust the people representing their company.

The ongoing relationship also allows our PAs to get to know our clients’ businesses and work alongside them with the knowledge levels closer to an in-house team member than outsourced personnel.

So much so that when many of our clients are asked what they like most about the service PA Answer provides over its competitors, the response is simple: the personal, professional service provided by the PA Answer unique named PAs.

“Our clients often mention how useful they find knowing the people dealing with their account. The relationships our clients build with their PAs become vital to how they operate, and knowing they can trust them makes them become more like members of staff that hired hands.”

Your PA Answer PAs get to know the company as well as your own staff. It’s like having all the benefits of an employee, at a fraction of the cost.

Every call answered within three rings, in your company name, in a friendly and professionally manner from just £10 per week!

How much is a missed call worth to your business? Contact us today 0333 800 0085 or email to find out more about the range of services offered by PA Answer.