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Luxe Private Clinic, based in Nottingham, provides a luxury non-surgical treatment service. Having recently been awarded Whatclinic’s 2017 ‘Patient Service Award’, Luxe prides itself on the ultimate client experience – “from initial phone call to superior after care.” With this in mind, we spoke to Founder & Managing Director Rueben Thaxter about why Luxe engaged the services of telephone answering specialists PA Answer.

Medical PA Service
Which PA Answer services do you use?
“They answer calls, call back clients, and filter calls through to our booking team.”

In your profession you provide treatments that are important to people, so is the initial contact point important in building trust in your clinic? Is this a reason you chose PA Answer?

“We had a one-month trial with another company, but we weren’t happy with the service, so we joined PA Answer.”

And how have PA Answer’s team delivered in this area?

“Overall I’m happy; they handle the calls pretty well, they are quite polite on the phone. The whole reason I use this service is to lighten the load (on the business side) and give my staff more time to focus on other areas of the business.”

Has PA answer had a positive effect on your business? Are you booking more clients since using the service?

“Yes, I would say we’re booking more clients. We’re not missing any enquiries now, whereas before we were.

“Initially we had a receptionist who took the calls alongside handling things in the clinic. We missed calls, when she was in the middle of something or busy greeting clients.

“If you don’t answer calls, you lose business. A client will ring elsewhere – if they ring three other companies who all answer and you don’t, you’re not going to be in the running for their business. That’s why I decided to use the service.

“(The service) has also freed up a lot of time in the clinic.”

What is the best thing about PA Answer’s service?

“They have helped a lot with the business in terms of freeing up time and gaining more bookings.

“I like the fact that they cover the calls over the weekend as well. Even when we’re closed, we’re picking up all our calls. If someone calls on a Sunday and wants to make a last minute booking for Monday, we can take that call, speak to that client and book that appointment.”