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John W, Construction Case Study

The majority of sole traders don’t have the time or finances to have dedicated business telephone lines, and this was no different for this construction sole trader. He goes on to explain how PA Answer has transformed the way his business runs, and how it has seen it go from strength to strength.

“I’m a sole trader and I don’t have a dedicated business line, so I take all my work phone calls on my mobile, which can be extremely problematic at times. Being a builder most of the work I do involves me using both hands, so taking a call whilst I’m on a job involves me stopping work, which not only halts productivity but also looks unprofessional if the client is around.” Blog

“Before I had PA Answer to help me out I had to make a daily choice between doing a good job and making sure I have enough customers to keep me busy. It was a choice I didn’t want to make. Now thanks to PA Answer I don’t have to.”

“Since PA Answer started answering my calls I’m busier than I’ve ever been. I’ve scooped up all the calls and all the customers I was missing, and as business has been booming I’ve started using PA Answer to help with other sides of the business, like managing my diary to go and visit new customers and making follow up courtesy calls a few weeks after a project finishes.”

“It’s not just my work life that PA Answer has improved, but my home life as well. Now when I get home I can relax and unwind, safe in the knowledge that all my calls are being handled professionally, not having to answer my phone around the clock when I should be enjoying time with my family. I work hard at work and PA Answer let relax when I get home. It’s the best of both worlds.”