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Last time El Nino aka ‘The Kid’ struck, back in 2009/10, the UK suffered its coldest winter 31 years, which created widespread transport disruption, power failures, school closures and culminated with severe flooding in parts of the country.

According to the insurers RSA, this period of severe weather caused the UK economy to contract by 0.5{ade0abccca9b63c164c46d38b81448d417f49c504e67e4d91b85d1bb7f6a8972} in Q4, with snow estimated to cost the economy nearly £500m per day. On an individual level, many businesses were unprepared and struggled to cope.

According to forecasters, this winter could be even worse, potentially of rivalling the record winters of 1962/63, when lakes and rivers froze over and 1946/47, when roads and railways were blocked, power stations were shut down and the government introduced measured to limit radio broadcasts and suspend TV!

Met Office and BBC weather forecaster Tomasz Schafernaker said: “This time round El Nino could be the strongest in decades. In 2010, the El Nino played a part in bringing huge amounts of snow to the UK.”

The Met Office is also predicting precipitation to be above-average winter, which, coupled with the expected cold conditions, would likely mean heavy snow is on the way. So make sure you don’t repeat the mistakes of businesses of the past, and ensure you are fully prepared.

Business Continuity

A PA Answer Business Continuity Plan ensures that you are prepared to cope through the harshest winter for 50 years. If the office has to close, when staff can’t make it in, when power or phone outages stop you communicating with clients and customers, PA Answer is here to;

• Answer every call to your business – whatever the situation
• Always keep you in the loop – we’ll send details of all calls to you via text, email or fax
• Ensure any emergency transition is handled so smoothly that your callers won’t even notice, giving your business time to get back on its feet

A Business Continuity Plan also protects you against the effects of fire, flood, storms or even just a bout of staff illness. PA Answer expects the unexpected, so you can relax knowing your Business Continuity Plan is protecting you against the worst.

Call 0333 800 0085 today to find out how you can benefit from a PA Answer Business Continuity Plan this winter.