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Dental Practice Virtual Receptionist Services

 Not coping with the constant high levels of phone calls, dental queries, and patients?

 Dental reception areas can be incredibly busy places, with dental receptionists trying to sign people in, process payments and book new appointments. That’s without the phone ringing constantly, meaning calls can be missed at busy periods – can you be sure your callers will leave a message? How does an unanswered or constantly engaged phone reflect on your practice?

 Why not let PA Answer take care of your calls when your reception staff can’t get to the phone?

PA Answer is an award-winning outsourced business service that allows your practice to continue running a high quality service, whilst saving both administration time and money.

It's your call!

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How can PA Answer help you?

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  • Fully trained, professional and friendly virtual secretaries who have a reputation for exceptional levels of customer service and client satisfaction.
  • The ability to answer multiple of incoming calls simultaneously, even outside standard working hours.
  • Real time updates via text and e-mail messages.
  • The ability to securely manage appointments and administration tasks thanks to our dedicated patient management system.
  • The promise of never missing another call, ensuring all potential patients are dealt with without the need of another administrative employee.
  • Save you money through minimising staff costs, only charging you for the services you need without compromising on the quality of service.


PA Answer provides numerous services including; appointment booking and management, telephone answering to deal with any queries, clinic management, and other general administration.

 Why not take the opportunity to offer your full assistance to those patients needing attention in your practice, without the need of employing anyone new; along with the chance to keep control and up-to-date with all administrative work, allowing the smooth running of the entire practice? If so, call PA Answer today on 0333 800 0085 and find out more about our award-winning service.