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Virtual Business Solutions Case Studies

As helping our clients is the driving force behind PA Answer, see what our clients say about us to find out why we’re an award-winning company.

Partner at The Write Impression LLP, a Copywriting and PR Company

“We knew we were missing a few calls, but within the first few months of working with PA Answer, we could see exactly what the impact of that was in real terms.”

“Three of what would have been unanswered calls turned in to two and three year contracts worth several thousand pounds. The office is open every day but we were missing calls due to simple things like being held up in traffic or busy on other calls.”

“We were able to see immediately that the value to our business far outweighs the cost, which by comparison is minimal.”

“Like many business owners up and down the country we spend a lot of time out and about, a lot of time in meetings, plus because of the creative nature of what we do there are times when we have to shut out distractions and focus purely on the work, essentially there are times when we simply can’t take a call; it could only be half an hour a day or it could be half of the working day. We can’t afford to miss those calls, but it isn’t financially viable for us to pay somebody full time to pick up the phone when we can’t.”

“The great thing about PA Answer is it gives us such great peace of mind to know that our clients and potential clients are in the very safe hands of our lovely team of PA’s. We have already built up a great working relationship with the PA’s assigned to our account, they do such a great job that callers often comment on how lovely they are and we feel completely confident in taking some time out. I am evangelical about PA Answer – every company should use them.”

Private Hospital Group

“You could argue though that no caller will want to leave (personal medical) details on a voicemail and in an age where we can choose to be treated almost anywhere a missed call is lost business.”

Nine to five, Monday to Friday is a thing of the past, even in the medical sector. In the modern world the public want and expect an instant response. When it comes to health people are even less inclined to wait, preferring to speak to someone and get things sorted as soon as possible.

This is why the medical sector has been PA Answer’s fastest growing client area. A prime example being when one of the UK’s largest private hospital groups approached PA Answer to cover overflow calls.

It was established that the key factor for the contract was security and confidentiality. Having worked with a number of smaller private clinics and consultants PA Answer already held experience in the medical sector, but proving its understanding of its importance to one of the UK’s largest private hospital groups was still not underestimated.

PA Answer has always taken over and above security measures to ensure the trust of our clients is never breached. Every PA Answer staff member is fully DBS checked (at the time of the trial CRB). This isn’t an industry standard, just a measure we feel is necessary to guarantee our client’s complete trust in our service.

Plus confidentiality was vital, to ensure we protected the trust of the caller given the extremely personal nature of the calls. To that end, all PA’s answering calls had the relevant information, the right information and the right contacts for any eventuality, so as far as the caller is concerned they are speaking to the secretary of the hospital or clinic.

During the trial PA Answer dealt with 700 calls over a four-month period. Of those 700 calls, 250 were enquiries, and resulted in 100 bookings for medical procedures. An average operation costs between £3,000 and £10,000, so even 1 enquiry becoming a booking would have paid for PA Answer’s services for a year.

Following the massive success, the trial became a bespoke outsourced virtual medical secretary package, developed for them to cover telephone answering, appointment management, administration and general enquires.

John W, Construction Sole Trader

“I’m a sole trader and I don’t have a dedicated business line, so I take all my work phone calls on my mobile, which can be extremely problematic at times. Being a builder most of the work I do involves me using both hands, so taking a call whilst I’m on a job involves me stopping work, which not only halts productivity but also looks unprofessional if the client is around.”

“Before I had PA Answer to help me out I had to make a daily choice between doing a good job and making sure I have enough customers to keep me busy. It was a choice I didn’t want to make. Now thanks to PA Answer I don’t have to.”

“Since PA Answer started answering my calls I’m busier than I’ve ever been. I’ve scooped up all the calls and all the customers I was missing, and as business has been booming I’ve started using PA Answer to help with other sides of the business, like managing my diary to go and visit new customers and making follow up courtesy calls a few weeks after a project finishes.”

“It’s not just my work life that PA Answer has improved, but my home life as well. Now when I get home I can relax and unwind, safe in the knowledge that all my calls are being handled professionally, not having to answer my phone around the clock when I should be enjoying time with my family. I work hard at work and PA Answer let relax when I get home. It’s the best of both worlds.”

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