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Friday the 13th, unlucky for those businesses operating only with an 0845 number.

As of Friday June 13 this year, it is a legal requirement for businesses to provide a standard rate number for all customer service enquiries. Meaning that any business “selling goods, services or digital content to a consumer” can no longer only offer an 0845 telephone number to existing clients, without breaking the law.

Telephone NumbersThese new regulations come from the Department for Business Innovation & Skills ‘Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations – Implementing Guidance’, and are based on Ofcom proposed reforms following a study into non-geographical numbers.

The changes in regulation are designed to “restore people’s confidence” in using phone services, according to Ofcom Chief Executive Ed Richards, and most consumers would agree that having a standard rate option to contact if something goes wrong is a good thing, especially when dealing with certain companies. Ofcom has ensured those wishing to change from a 0845 number have access to 03 numbers. However, businesses operating with only one number may still fall foul of the law, given the requirement to change existing stationary and marketing literature containing only that number.

If you’re having a new number…

It might be time to think about choosing a telephone number that can actually improve your call rate.

Distinctive numbers have long been a staple for takeaways, taxi companies, and any other company which may involve inebriated patrons. But a customer doesn’t need to be worse for wear to need a memorable number – a distinctive number can give you a competitive edge.

Or if you are just looking for the right number to suit your business needs. Whether you are looking for a local number to create a personal feel, or a non-geographical number to portray a nationwide image, or something that’s simply easy to remember PA Answer can provide the perfect number.

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